The difference well-designed front walls make to your property’s main entrance can be quite astonishing. With attention to detail and a design that blends with the structure of your house or building, a wall can be an attractive feature, one that will be admired for many years to come.

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Here are 5 wall designs to consider:

Low wall:

Those looking to give the impression of a ‘clean’ property outline where privacy is not a major concern will find a low-level wall the perfect choice.

As well as being an arresting feature in its own right it will allow your house front to be displayed in all its finery to neighbours and visitors alike.

Low wall by London Stonemasonry

Low wall by London Stonemasonry

Rock Wall:

It should be remembered that a front wall can be created in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. It does not necessarily need to be a solid structure.

Installing a rock wall is an ideal way to achieve a less formal structure. Large stones can be stacked on top of each other with the gaps filled with stones of smaller size, or a series of open spaces left between. These spaces can alternatively be filled with trees, flowers or plants. Alternatively, they can be left open as informal entrances to your property.

This cost-effective method of having a front wall constructed gives scope to use the type of stone material that suits your desired aesthetic.

Speak with your local stonemason to understand the different type of stone available and the appearance they offer.

Undulating Wall:

Those in search of a natural, highly creative style could look at the construction of an undulating wall. This type of design is a classic, beautiful option and will curve as desired through greenery and flowers. The impression created is one of timelessness.

Such a design can be achieved through the use of rough stones, cement blocks or traditional masonry materials and once lined with your preferred foliage brings a real touch of country elegance to your home.

Front Garden Wall:

Those with a love of gardening will surely appreciate this type of front wall structure. All you require is to have a fairly simple stone wall built and then pepper it with climbing plants that will seasonally blossom away from your front entrance.

Indeed, you can use your gardening skills to design a whole variety of visually attractive settings. An example of this is to add wall planters and/or vertical garden pots. By doing so you will create a unique front wall that will be a major feature of your property.

Garden wall by London Stonemasonry

Garden wall by London Stonemasonry for a home in Balham, London. SW16

Brick Wall:

Not as boring as it may sound! Such a solid structure can be built to the height you require and the stone used can be matched to the style of your home.

For a classic look consider a naked brick finish while those with contemporary designed homes can benefit from a rendered finish.

You then have the option of including different sizes and colour of bricks, adding your choice of decorative brickwork and livening up your front wall to aesthetically match your property.

A well-planned front wall can make a world of difference:

There is no doubt whatsoever that will a little planning and thought you can complement your property through the construction of a professionally finished front wall. One that will really add character to your home.

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