Facade surveys by London Stonemasonry

London Stonemasonry’s facade surveys are essential to building safety, repair cost mitigation and for planning works.

Our survey clients include London’s great estates, building managers, surveyors and other property professionals.

Photos from a facade survey central London

Pictured: London Stonemasonry has surveyed many buildings in central London, including this commercial property on Great Portland Street, W1

About our facade surveys

Our visual checks, inspections and surveys are tailored to your objectives. They can focus on a known defect, an area of interest, or assess a building’s entire facade.

From street-level, we can create a basic survey report. With greater access, usually via scaffolding, we can create fully costed, detailed, survey documents.

The contents of a facade condition survey can include:

  • Survey scope and context
  • Description of building facade and its construction
  • Summary of general structural condition
  • Observations, illustrated with photography
  • Facade defects, illustrated with photography
  • Recommendations, with costs
Facade survey notes

Pictured: Notes from our facade survey of Kenilworth House, Margaret Street, London, W1

When to book a facade survey

  • As part of a building maintenance programme. We recommend facade surveys at regular intervals, as part of building maintenance programmes. Surveys reveal potentially dangerous structural defects, and allow building owners to plan remedial works, cost-effectively.
  • To learn more about an area of interest. For example, when facade cleaning has revealed corrosion and cracking.
  • Urgent safety issue. For example, to understand why stone has fallen from a facade, to prevent further issues, and to schedule the necessary repairs.