Skilled labourer job, London

We have a vacancy for a skilled labourer to work on sites in central and greater London. If you’re interested, please fill in the form below and we’ll phone selected candidates for a chat. See also: More jobs.

Job title: Skilled labourer.

Date posted: This is an open vacancy.

Location: Central and greater London

Pay: Payments are made weekly

Job description:
  • We are looking for a skilled labourer, ideally we’d like someone who has worked in the stone masonry industry and knows about cutting stone, installing it, working to very small tolerances and achieving very high standards of finish.
  • The labourer makes the site tick and we’re looking for a good one!
  • If you don’t have experience in  our industry, we are also looking for someone with potential to become skilled labour.
  • We see this role as 80% attitude and 20% ability. If you have the right attitude you can learn the skills needed. Yes, some basic knowledge is great – how to mix cement to different gauges, how to change blades on grinders etc but reliability and loyalty are also important.
  • One of the people we currently employ in this role knew nothing about stone masonry when he started with us, but by showing a great positive attitude he’s learnt a lot of skills, and has grown in confidence.
Senior stonemason
Pictured: A London Stonemasonry team member at work.
Responsibilities include:
  • General labouring duties on building sites.
  • Cutting stone, mixing cement and laying stone.
  • Two telephone references – people you’ve worked with. Some of the best people we’ve worked with don’t have any specific qualifications but could provide references who would endorse their skills.
  • A UTR number and NI Number.

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