Natural stone has been used since time immemorial to build structures. Its durability is there for all to see from ancient monuments through to modern commercial and residential properties that sport a very distinctive look.

Those looking to add to the appearance of their property while also adding to its value should consider this environmentally friendly material. Natural stone can achieve a variety of different effects to suit your personal taste and has the ability to add impressive style to your property.

Types of natural stone:

Natural stone is formed over thousands of years and mined from stone quarries. Due to its resilience and the durability mentioned above It is commonly used for architectural and construction projects.

The most common forms of natural stone you are likely to come across are:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble

In terms of its unique appearance, the popularity of natural stone is added to through its crystalline textured appearance and veins of many different shades that run naturally through the stone.

For use throughout your property:

It goes without saying that natural stone can be used for walls, walkways, pathways, patios and drives and one particularly popular application that should not be overlooked is its use in the kitchen as worktops.

Natural stone can be finished in a variety of different ways. By discussing the options available with an established stonemasonry company, you will gain a clear understanding of what finishes are available and which will best suit the effect and appearance you are looking to achieve in order to enhance your property.

Finishes can be:

  • Honed
  • Flamed
  • Polished
  • Tumbled

Natural stone installation:

Natural stone restoration can be adapted using different techniques and mechanical processes and is suitable for interior as well as exterior installation.

When recruiting the services of a professionally qualified stone mason you will find that natural stone fits seamlessly into almost any setting and structure ranging from contemporary through to traditional designs.

One other thing to bear in mind is a long-term benefit. Using natural stone to add a completely unique look to your property will not only look beautiful, it will last a lifetime and longer.

Environmentally friendly:

The thermal mass that natural stone offers provides natural insulation. Dependent upon the size of its structure it works to even out daily temperature fluctuations. This means that your home will remain cooler during the summer months and warmer during those cold winter spells.

First impressions count!

Regardless of whether you are looking to impress visitors (and give a pleasing effect on your own eyes each time you view your properties natural stone appearance!), or you are looking to add re-sale value to your property natural stone work achieves both.

While it cannot be denied that there is an initial investment in such a project, those taking the long-term view will certainly reap rewards.

The use of this material should be considered due to its durability, environmental friendliness and the beauty it brings.

The reality is that natural stone structures can add huge style to your property.