Bath stone bay window renovation, London

Bath stone bay window renovation London

Pictured: The new Bath stone bay window after renovation by London Stonemasonry. Location: Archway, North London

The London Stonemasonry team renovates and revives stone bay windows across London. One recent project that stands out is our work on a charming, traditional, Victorian bay window on Hatchard Road, N19.

While a general builder was overseeing the entire property’s refurbishment, the project’s architect called us in to undertake the specialist renovation of the property’s bay window. The original stonework had deteriorated beyond repair.

About our work on this project

Upon inspection, it was evident that new stone sections were needed for the entire bay window. Drawing inspiration from a neighbouring property in better condition, we crafted templates for the stonework. In our workshop, we then used the templates when carving the Bath stone.

The renovation included laying a robust foundation, followed by brickwork beneath the sill. This foundation supported the installation of corbels, which in turn held the sills. Subsequent steps included the placement of new mullion bases, mullions, detailed capitals, and finally, the lintels above. Our dedicated team completed the intricate installation work in just over a week.

Pictured: New capital stones for the bay window mullions, in the London Stonemasonry workshop

Once all of our stone sections were in place, the main contractor proceeded with the bay roof installation.

The client was very pleased with the precision, detail, and finish of the Bath stone carving. London Stonemasonry has since received additional projects from the impressed architect.

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Project summary

London Stonemasonry expertly renovated a traditional Victorian bay window in Archway, London, N19. Using Bath stone, the team meticulously carved and installed new sections, transforming the frontage of the terraced house.

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