Bay window subsidence repair and rebuild London

Bay windows rebuilt after subsidence

Pictured: New subsidence-proofed bay windows crafted and fitted by our stonemasons. Left: The new double bay window. Right: A hand carved stone detail from the window. Ivanhoe Road, Peckham, London

The London Stonemasonry company have years of experience in repairing and rebuilding bay windows damaged by subsidence. If your property’s bay window is pulling away from your house, we can help.

For example…

A new double bay window for a Victorian terrace damaged by subsidence

We were called in to inspect a Victorian terraced home in Ivanhoe Road, Peckham, London, SE5. Due to subsidence, their double bay window had pulled away from the main structure of the building and had been removed for safety reasons.

After pouring new foundations, and hand carving the stone elements, we rebuilt the double bay window across three weeks.

The homeowner was overjoyed with their new bay windows, after what had been a testing and worrying time.

During this project, several other nearby homeowners contacted us about the subsidence issues on their properties. We were able to reassure them that we are also able to protect and enhance their homes.

New first floor bay window

Pictured: A closer look at the new first floor bay window, built on new foundations by London Stonemasonry

New ground floor bay window, built on new foundations

Pictured: New ground floor bay window, built on new foundations by London Stonemasonry

About our work on the double bay window

As all previous parts of the bay windows had been removed by others, we templated the bays of neighbouring properties and were then able to mark the correct position for the new foundation.

Houses of this age were built on practically no foundations, so our first task was to install a suitable foundation as per a structural engineers specifications. Once the foundations were dug, poured and given time to cure, the bay brickwork could be laid and tied back into the building to form the bay shape.

Due to the building’s previous movement, the bay windows could not be installed perfectly plumb and square. Instead, we carefully aligned the new bay windows with the building, while ensuring the stonework was in the correct position when meeting the roof line.

It took us three weeks to build the double bay up to the roof height so the carpentry contractors could tie in the new section of roof.

More photos of our work on this project

Constructing the new bay window

Pictured: Constructing the new bay window. Left: Excavations for the new foundations. Middle: Scaffolding and the fenced-off building. Right: A stonemason carving part of the window in our workshop

Brickwork for the bay window

Pictured: First floor bay window brickwork, with stone corbels, constructed by our team

Stone mullions and lintels carved by London Stonemasonry for the double bay window

Pictured: Stone mullions and lintels carved by London Stonemasonry for the double bay window

Stone lintels

Pictured: Stone lintels carved by our team. Bottom: The lintels in our workshop. Top: The lintels in place in the double bay window

What is subsidence? How does it damage London’s buildings?

Many London soils contain clay minerals that are known to absorb and then lose moisture. This shrink-swell behaviour causes ground movement which can damage buildings. Swelling pressures can cause structures to lift, and shrinkage can cause settlement or subsidence (when the ground lowers or collapses). Across London, many older houses, especially older terraced homes, have minimal foundations which make them especially vulnerable to ground movement. Subsidence can cause brickwork and stonework to crack, and cause bay windows to pull away.

Areas of London most at risk from subsidence

According to the British Geological Survey (BGS) the London boroughs most likely to have increased subsidence risk are Camden, Islington, Brent, Barnet, Harrow, Haringey, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth, Lambeth and Lewisham.

London Stonemasonry have worked on subsidence projects across London.
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Project summary

London Stonemasonry built a new double bay window for a Victorian terraced home that had been damaged by subsidence. Location: Ivanhoe Road, Peckham, London. Postcode: SE5.

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