Cast stone window, London terrace

Cast stone window London

Pictured: Cast stone bay window created and installed by London Stonemasonry

London Stonemasonry created and installed a handsome bay window for a customer in Walthamstow. By using existing moulds and pre-cast stone, we were able to reduce costs and pass on the savings to the client.

Our customer was keen to enhance their Victorian terraced home with a new, period-correct, stone bay window. They also told us that their budget was relatively small.

After inspecting the front of the home, we identified that we could reduce costs by creating the bay window with cast stone. Fortunately, we had already created moulds that were of a suitable style and size. The expense of creating new moulds for casting, or hand carving from blocks of stone, can be avoided when we can adjust and re-use existing moulds.

About our work on this project

After agreeing the plan with the client, we then dug and poured the concrete foundation for the bay window. Once the concrete had cured, we built the brickwork up to sill height. Then we installed the cast stone sills, mullion bases, mullions and capitals that supported the new lintels above.

The client had originally wanted to paint the pre-cast stone but due to being able to select the colour pigmentation prior to pouring the moulds, the client was delighted with the final colour and decided not to conceal it.

This install took two weeks from foundation to finish.

Since we completed this project, many nearby homeowners have also been in contact with us, enquiring about similar windows for their properties.

Cast stone lintel

Cast stone lintel

Pictured: A closer look at cast stone lintels by London Stonemasonry

Cast stone window sills

Cast stone window sills

Pictured: A closer look at cast stone window sills created and installed by London Stonemasonry

Cast stone v carved. What’s the best option for your new bay window?

For this project we were able to pass on cost savings to the client as we did not have to create new casting moulds. Creating new bespoke moulds, then pouring and curing the stone is time consuming and labour-intensive.

For most bay window projects, carving from blocks of stone is usually quicker and better value.

Get in touch to discuss your stone bay window options, we’re happy to advise.

Project summary

London Stonemasonry created and installed a handsome cast stone bay window for a customer working to a tight budget. Walthamstow, E17 area.

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