Gable end wall repairs, London school hall

Gable end wall repairs

Pictured: Gable end wall repairs. New coping stones crafted and fitted by our stonemasons. Islington, London

The London Stonemasonry company repaired and replaced stone and brickwork at Thornhill Primary School, Thornhill Road, Islington, London, N1 1HX.

A structural survey of the school buildings had deemed elements of the main school hall to be reaching a potentially dangerous state. The coping stones high up on both gable ends of the main hall were failing, as was a stone string course in the wall, and there was a crack in the building’s facade.

We were called in by the school’s main contractor Damage Control Limited, to repair and replace the damaged stone and brickwork. We’ve worked for Damage Control on a number of projects.

A brief explanation of the jargon used in this case study:

  • A gable end wall is the wall that supports two sides of a sloping roof.
  • Coping stones cap walls, preventing rain and weather from damaging the bricks in the wall.
  • A string course is a horizontal feature within a wall – it’s aesthetically attractive and helps to break up large expanses of brickwork.
New coping stones on a gable wall London

Pictured: New coping stones carved and fitted on the hall gable end wall by London Stonemasonry

How we repaired and replaced the stone and brickwork on the gable end walls

We began by measuring the damaged gable copings and string course, and created templates. In our workshop we used the templates to hand-carve stone replacements.

While the stone was being carved, we were on site to repair the crack in the wall. Damaged bricks were cut out and a HeliBar strengthening system was fitted before replacement bricks were laid.

Once the new carved stone was ready, the failing coping stones and string course were carefully removed, during the school holidays.

The new copings were pinned into place and supported by the springer stones at the base of the gable. Also, we renewed the string course.

The project took a little over two weeks to complete.

We’re all happy and relieved that the school children are no longer at potential risk from possible failing stone.

Before and after photo: Stone coping replacement

Failing coping stoneReplacement coping stone

Pictured: A close-up before and after photo showing coping stone replacement work-in-progress

More photos of our work on this project

Hand carved top coping stone

Pictured: Photos showing how our stonemasons hand carved the coping stones

Cracked brick wall HeliBar repair

Pictured, left to right: The wall crack being repaired with the HeliBar system, the repaired wall, and scaffolding showing the heights we were working at

The new stone string course

Pictured: The new stone string course we hand carved and installed

Hand carved springer stone

Pictured: A new hand carved springer stone that supports the coping on the gable end wall

Photos of damaged coping stone

Pictured: Examples of damaged  stone that we repaired and replaced

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Project summary

The London Stonemasonry company repaired and replaced failing stone and brickwork at Thornhill Primary School, Thornhill Road, Islington, London, N1 1HX.

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