Bay window lintel installation, London

Bay window lintel installation

Pictured: The new bay window lintel that London Stonemasonry carved and installed

The London Stonemasonry team recently restored a bay window in the front of a home in Finchley, northwest London. The original Victorian lintel had failed, causing the brickwork above to drop.

Cracked lintel above window

The cracked lintel above the window led to the two front mullions (columns) also cracking over time with the increased down-force.

We planned the necessary repairs with the homeowner, and offered various options and prices.

To restore the bay window, we installed two new stone lintels, replaced the jambs, columns and repaired the brickwork that had dropped.

The work took four days to complete, and the homeowner was very happy with the outcome!

Before and after photo: Bay window lintel installation

Window lintel installation - before repairWindow lintel installation - after repair

Stone lintel replacement project – photos from the installation

Photos of the lintel replacement project

Lintel replacement cost UK

Lintel replacement costs in London (and across the UK) vary due to many factors including; raw materials required, the complexity of the work and ease of site access. Our price guide will give you a sense of the costs. Please contact us for a free, no obligation quotation, and more information.

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Project details

Bay window lintel installation in Finchley, northwest London. After the lintel cracked above the window, we installed two new lintels, replaced the jams / columns and repaired the brickwork. Finchley postcodes include: N2, N3, N12.

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