Stone portico installation, Wimbledon, London

Stone portico installation, London

Pictured: The portico that the London Stonemasonry team installed

A portico is an attractive type of classical porch, supported by columns, that frames the entrance to a building and enhances its appearance.

When the owner of a newly built home in Wimbledon requested a stone portico, the building contractor asked London Stone Masonry to install it, as we are specialists in this type of work.

The challenge for LSM was to install a portico bought “off the shelf” by the main contractor. We worked closely with the suppliers of the portico and with careful adjustment achieved a finish both contractor and resident were very happy with. We were on site for two weeks.

See photos of the new stone portico on this page and scroll down to read more about the technical challenges we overcame.

Stone portico installation. Before and after photo

BeforeStone portico after image

How we installed the portico

Foundations were dug and poured by the London Stone Masonry team to ensure load bearing specifications were met.

The stone pillars were then “rodded” through the centre and then bedded into the foundation. Then the central cavity within the pillars were sealed with a barrier, then in-filled with high strength, frost-proof concrete.

Due to the weight and length of the pillars, we used an A frame and block and tackle lifting system. This method allows accuracy and control of the stones being lifted.

As to be expected with “off the shelf” moulded precast stones, there were discrepancies in the stone sizes used to make up the portico. Over time, stone moulds stretch and sag so accuracy can be lost, and some of the stones that were sent to us were not correct. Our solution was to “spin” the stone down and spin the joints between the connecting stones to keep them uniform.

Through experience and adaptation of fixing methods we were able to achieve an excellent finish.

Stone portico build – photos from the installation

Stone portico - photos from the build

Pictured: Stages in the stone portico installation

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Project details

We were called in by the building contractor to install an “off the shelf” stone portico, on a new home in the Wimbledon / Wandsworth district, London. SW18 postcode.

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