Stone window surround, London terraced house

Stone window surround, London

Pictured: The new stone window surround carved and installed by London Stonemasonry, in Tottenham. It includes a new stone sill, decorative capitals, mullions, and lintels

London Stonemasonry carved and installed a new stone window surround, returning the first floor window of a Tottenham terraced home to its original Victorian design. We worked with a trusted sash window supplier to provide a seamless “all-in-one” solution to the homeowner.

Before and after photo of the replacement stone window surround

UPVC window in Victorian house, LondonAfter

Pictured: Before and after photo of the new stone window surround in place

About our work on this project

We were called in by the property’s owners as they wanted to restore the original Victorian appearance of their terraced home’s first floor window.

Like many of London’s older terraced homes, the front of this Victorian property had received some unsightly modern alterations. Original stone had been removed and a plastic window had been inserted into the first floor façade.

We inspected the first floor window in the property’s frontage. We noted that a single frame UPVC window had been installed with a concrete lintel fitted above. The original lintels, mullions, sills and capitals had been fully removed.

Then we discussed next steps with the property’s owners. They wanted the design of their stone window surround to reflect that of neighbouring properties, and arranged for us to visit a neighbouring property so that we were able to take all the necessary measurements and stonework templates.

We also shared our measurements, drawings and work schedule with the sash window manufacturer and installer, ensuring that the installation of stone and glass would be seamless.

Then, armed with the measurements and templates, we began creating and carving the new stone surround at the London Stonemasonry workshop.

While the carving was underway, we returned to the property in Tottenham to erect scaffolding.

We installed a temporary timber wall within the bedroom, securing the area and protecting it from the elements. We then removed the UPVC window and some of its modern brickwork.

A closer look at the new stone window surround and brickwork

Pictured: A closer look at the new stone window surround

Attention to historic detail – brick sizes.

The UPVC window’s brickwork had been built in metric sized bricks and not the original sized imperial measurement bricks. The difference between the two sizes is often over 10mm in length and height. By using metric bricks the bond (the pattern in which bricks are laid in a wall) soon looks out of place and the courses of bricks don’t fit together as they should.

By sourcing and laying reclaimed imperial sized bricks, we rebuilt the opening for the window as it was originally designed – without cutting and altering new sized bricks to suit.

Once the brickwork had cured, we installed the elements of the window surround – the new stone sill, followed by the decorative capitals, mullions, and lintels.

Because we had worked alongside the sash company from the start, they were able to install the new sash frames and windows the day after we had finished with the facade.

With the windows in, we began “making good”, we removed the temporary wall and added the final touches to the surround and brickwork.

The whole installation took just over a week from start to finish. The client is extremely pleased with their new, attractive, period-correct stone window surround and sash window.

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Project summary

London Stonemasonry created and installed a new stone window surround, returning the first floor frontage of a terraced home to its original Victorian design. We worked with a window supplier to provide a convenient “all-in-one” solution to the homeowner. Location: Roslyn Road, Tottenham, London. Postcode: N15.

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