Long gone are the days where a fireplace was needed in almost every room in a house, but there is an increasing trend to uncover boarded up fireplaces and restore them to their former glory.

A well-restored fireplace will add significant character to a room and in many cases can become the focal point of that living space.

An additional consideration for many homeowners is the added bonus of using it as an effective source of additional heating during those cold winter months.

Contemporary-style design:

There is a wide choice of contemporary designs to choose from and stone such as marble or brick and wood are often seen as materials of choice.

Those living in period (or period-style) property should carry out research and seek the advice of a qualified stonemason in order to establish the most suitable style of fireplace for their home.

Examples here would include Regency and Georgian properties. These homes favoured ornately designed marble or stone surrounds.

Standing the test of time!

Since medieval times stone has been the traditional material for fireplaces. Indeed, marble has been in use for well over 300 years.

The classic appeal and permanence of stone fireplaces is a major factor in choice with many homeowners opting for an impressive marble structure due to its standout appearance.

Which style of fireplace suits your lifestyle?

There is no doubt whatsoever that a respected stonemasonry company can advise and restore an old fireplace to its former glory. They should also be on hand to advise about onward maintenance in terms of keeping your fire surround clean.

This type of advice is invaluable when it comes to restoring an existing fireplace to suit your lifestyle.

Here are 5 types of fireplace material and the level of maintenance required to maintain their stunning looks:

  • Marble: Use soapy water to regularly wash your marble surface and once dried apply a good wax polish. This will ensure your marble surround is kept in good condition.
  • Brick: Any lightly accumulated dirt can be brushed away. If any surface area is heavily marked then a caustic cleaner can be applied.
  • Slate or Granite: Once again, regular brushing will remove dirt. However, if the surface becomes particularly marked then a liquid detergent should be applied.
  • Ceramic: Any ceramic surround can be washed down with diluted household cleaner in hot water.
  • Sandstone & Limestone: These materials are certainly worthy of consideration and can afford a beautiful effect, but you also need to bear in mind that they are the most difficult to maintain. This is due to the fact they absorb stains quite easily.

pH-neutral stone cleaners are one way to go, but do consult with your stonemason as to other tried and trusted cleaning methods.

Pleasing on the eye:

Restoring an old fireplace to its former glory will add style to your home. Rooms such as your main living area, kitchen and master bedroom are all major contenders for such an enhancement.

One other significant benefit that surely cannot be overlooked is the fact that such renovation work will add value to your property

This makes the restoration of old fireplaces a win-win situation for all homeowners!

If you are looking at restoring an old fireplace, contact one of our friendly advisors today who will be happy to help with your enquiries.