Bay window restoration and rebuild services

The London Stonemasonry team have restored and replaced hundreds of bay windows over the years. We offer the full package. We repair, restore and replace stonework to the highest level of finish and craftsmanship. We work on bay and stone mullion windows from all periods, including: Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian.

This page will tell you more about the bay window services that we offer.

A bay window restoration by London Stonemasonry

Pictured: London Stonemasonry transformed the front of this terraced house in Stratford, London.  We replaced UPVC windows with a new hand-carved Victorian-style bay window, repointed brickwork, created a new lead roof for the bay, laid paving and built a new front wall.

Services we offer: From bay window design to complete restoration

Not all stone bay windows need an entire rebuild and we have huge knowledge and skill in bay window restoration. We offer a full service; repair, restoration, replacement and redecoration of the completed works.

  • Design: We undertake all design aspects of the works. For example, detailing and precisely measuring neighbours’ windows to give an exact copy or from drawings provided.
  • Bespoke design: We also offer bespoke personalised designs for your bay window. While retaining all period correct design and ratios, your window stonework can reflect your individuality.
  • In the Georgian and Victorian eras, it was very common for new home buyers to have input into the design of their new homes as they were being built. If you keep a keen eye out, you can spot how designs of bay windows and entrance ways can change on the same terraced road.
Bay window restoration in Bath stone by London Stonemasonry

Pictured: A Victorian stone bay window created by London Stonemasonry. Hatchard Road, Archway, London, N19

  • Repair and rebuild: We breathe life into worn and failing stonework by piecing in new elements of stone and repairing other aspects with restoration repair mortars.
  • Replacement: Where bay windows have been removed, or need to be totally replaced, we are very proud of our ability to create new bay windows, hand crafted from the correct natural stone.
  • We can create stone mullion windows or windows that incorporate both stone and brick.
  • Bay window masonry repair: We can also ensure that your new bay window ties in perfectly to the bay window brickwork, so that the meeting of the new and old is seamless.
  • Transparency: We will always give a complete breakdown of all aspects of the works within our quotation so you can see exactly what we are proposing.
  • We will also provide you with a full methodology, so you can understand how we are undertaking the works.
A double bay window rebuild by London Stonemasonry

Pictured: A double bay window rebuild in Ivanhoe Road, Peckham, SE5, by London Stonemasonry

Victorian bay window construction

Our stonemasons are expert in Victorian bay window construction. We’ve been repairing, restoring, rebuilding and replacing London’s Victorian bay windows for many years. We can repair, hand carve and then install every stone element of the window, including:

  • Sills,
  • Jamb and mullion bases
  • Lintels
  • Floral capitals
  • Corbels

We also repair and build bay window brickwork and roofs.

See: Photos of a Victorian bay window that we restored.

How much does a stone bay window cost?

Every bay window is different, so each project is priced individually.

We’ve put together a page of specific examples to give you a guide to the costs involved.

See the: Bay window costs price guide>>

Costs vary due to many factors including; site access, raw materials and the complexity of the work required.

Carving a bay window at London Stonemasonry's workshop

Pictured: A bay window being carved at London Stonemasonry’s workshop

A client testimonial

Sarah O’Brien, homeowner, Chiswick, London, W4:

“The new bay window [by London Stonemasonry] is a testament to the skill of these amazing stonemasons. The Bath stone they used is beautiful and adds a warmth to the house. Its carving is exquisite and matches all the details of neighbouring properties. It’s precision perfect – when my new sash windows were fitted the company commented that they had never fitted a window where no adjustments were necessary.

“The added bonus of using London Stonemasonry was that their team could handle all aspects of the renovation – from removal of the render, rebuilding and damp proofing the bay window, re-roofing the structure and making good inside my home.

“I wholeheartedly recommend their skills to anyone who is looking to do a similar project.

New bay window by London Stonemasonry

Pictured: Sarah’s new bay window by London Stonemasonry

Get a free estimate

Our free quotation process is straightforward:
  • Contact London Stonemasonry.
  • We arrange a viewing of your window and discuss the options with you.
  • Then we produce a costed report for your approval.

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Bay window restoration in Bath stone by London Stonemasonry

Pictured: A bay window restoration in Bath stone by London Stonemasonry