Church Restoration and Repair

Many of us at London Stonemasonry did our apprenticeships on Churches and Cathedrals, they hold a special place in our hearts. We grew up working on them, restoring and replacing worn and failing aspects, keeping the buildings alive for the next generations.

Example of church restoration
Pictured: Example of our church restoration work – St Mary Magdalene, Enfield, London

Church restoration and Church renovation

We have worked extensively on both Church of England and Catholic churches. We are happy to discuss all proposed works to church buildings and undertake surveys to help in solidifying schedules of work in relation to necessary work quinquennial inspections.

Church restoration and Church renovation is an undertaking that we take very seriously. Whilst it is what we trained to do, we also take the responsibility of the upkeep of Churches personally. We believe that we are the caretakers of these historic buildings and the responsibility of keeping them healthy for the next generations is a task we take great pride in. We are experts in working from quinquennial inspection reports and have undertaken many projects that have been specified from them. We also undertake church roof repair.

Church repair has many, varying facets which allow us to use all of our skills and knowledge. From the geometry of setting out an arch to the mechanics of removing and replacing stones weighing a ton or more in situations and environments that would challenge Wren himself. The ever present reality of Church restoration is that we enjoy it and adore every project for the individual challenges and problem solving situations that arise. We have a combined knowledge and experience that is unbeatable and a work ethos that is unrivalled.

We undertake all aspect of Church renovation & restoration, from Church roof repair down to front steps repair and replacement.

The architectural heritage and history of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches are a huge part of the history of our country and we pride ourselves on playing a role in preserving them for the use and enjoyment of generations to come.

Unrestored church, LondonRestored church - London
Pictured: Church restoration example – before and after

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We have a complete in house team of Stone Masons, Master Bricklayers, Carpenters, Renderers, Lead Workers and Decorators. This allows us to undertake full works and projects on all ecclesiastical buildings, tombs and memorials.

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