Homeowners with older properties, or new occupants moving into such a property may well find old stone structures that have long been neglected.

Think twice before getting rid of them:

Please think long and hard before removing or destroying any old stone structure in, or on your premises.

This is because there are some important reasons as to why the restoration of an old stone structure is worth the effort.

Historic importance:

You will benefit from carrying out research on exactly what period and what use your particular stone structure comes from.

All will have been created for a specific reason and relate to the period of construction. Many will have been for very practical reasons, but there is always the chance that you will discover a gem of long forgotten workmanship.

Of course, the internet can help in this regard, but local knowledge and a visit from a fully qualified, professional stonemason will make any discovery far more captivating.

Who knows, there may well be a very interesting story behind the origins of the structure in question!

Aesthetic appeal:

The restoration of a period stone structure will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. This could be an old fireplace and chimney breast in need of attention, an internal or external arch that has been left in a poor state, interestingly designed steps leading to the main property that are in need of attention, overgrown old stone walls or hidden pathways built from valuable stone.

By restoring such a structure, you are giving a focal point to a particular area(s) of your property, and seeking the services of a professional stonemason for an impressive restoration this could well mean the structure in question becomes a talking point during family and friends’ visits.

Adding charm to your property is something we should all search for, restored old stone structures can certainly achieve this.

Adding value to your property:

You may have no intention whatsoever of selling your property and that is completely understandable.

However, the aesthetic appeal achieved through old stone structure restoration is sure to have a positive effect on its appearance.

In the event you do decide to sell, this type of restoration will not only add value to your property, it could be the difference between closing the sale and missing out.

It is very often the case that those on the lookout for a new home what character, they want something different.

By restoring any old stone structure that is worthy of it, you will have the edge over similar properties on the market.

Not only that, you should feel rightly proud of the fact that you have taken the time and effort to retain and restore a distinctive part of the property’s history.

Beware of DIY attempts!

Unless you have experience with brickwork restoration you may do more harm than good. This point also relates to any old brickwork structure on your property that previous owners have tried to restore themselves. Please do not immediately dismiss it as being beyond restoration.

By contacting a fully qualified stonemason they will quickly advise on the state of the structure concerned and give an honest, no obligation opinion as to whether the restoration of an old stone structure is worth the effort.