There are a variety of benefits as to why those with a detached property should consider building a perimeter wall around their home.

Here are 5 reasons, starting with the obvious!


While secure door, window and entry locks should be viewed as essential home security elements, many also opt for alarms, trip lights and video camera installation to protect their home.

These are obviously positive steps and will certainly be enhanced through the construction of a perimeter wall around your grounds.

The general rules on perimeter walls for detached properties are that you do not need planning permission as long as:

  • The wall is not higher than 2 metres at any point on your owned land except in areas that adjoin either a footpath or road. In these areas the height of your wall is restricted to only 1 metre.
  • Listed building: If you live in a house that has been classified as a listed building it is most likely that ‘Listed Building Consent’ will be required.

As an aside, this goes for any building work you intend to carry out on such a property. To understand the exact requirements in terms of listed building regulations you should contact the local planning office.

A well-constructed perimeter wall will go a long way to preventing burglary attempts.

After all, even if thieves scale your wall, they then have to figure out how to get into your well-secured home and then how to get back over the wall with their hoped-for haul without arousing suspicion.

A perimeter wall will also give those living with you a far greater sense of security.


Everyone expects personal privacy while inside their homes and by constructing a perimeter wall you are, at the very least, partially extending this privacy to your outside spaces.

Garden areas will particularly benefit from this extended privacy while you relax in private or entertain friends and family.


This point is particularly relevant for those families with children, or those who have elderly relatives staying with them.

A perimeter wall and secured gated entrance will go a long way to ensure that no one wanders away from your house (or any opportunist thief wanders in!).

This sense of safety is not only relevant for your little ones and elderly guests. It will give you peace of mind that while in the garden and outside areas, they will be going nowhere else!

Added ambience:

There is a wide range of stone material and designs available for consideration when building a perimeter wall.

Taking the advice of an experienced stonemason will ensure that options are given to fit in with the period style of your home.

A professionally finished exterior wall around your property will certainly enhance its appeal and all-round ambience.

Added value:

Two additional benefits which should not be overlooked (please excuse this pun and the next one!) are:

  • Thanks to its all-round appeal, should you decide to sell your home, a perimeter wall could be the feature difference in securing such a transaction.
  • A well-planned, professionally built stone perimeter wall will certainly add value to your property.

Very positive reasons to have a perimeter wall built:

As can be seen, there are very positive reasons to build a stone perimeter wall around your detached home.

Security, safety, privacy, added ambience and increased property value all go to make the investment in such a project very worthwhile.